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Jaldapara Camp has combination of vibrant terrain, abundance of vegetation, largely populated insect life and avifauna. The Staggering variety of habitat- includes widespread grassland, fresh water bodies and woodland areas accommodating more than 240 species of birds.

Heavily populated tree forests and robust growth of shrubs offer optimal conditions for several woodland birds. Some of the most fascinating from the lot includes rare Green Pigeons, crafty little Hornbills, colorful Barbets, charming Parakeets, the mess making Woodpeckers, Cuckoos, Orioles, Drongos, Babblers, Thrushes and other beautiful birds..

Seasonal species such as Brahminy ducks, whistling teals and Goosanders are found in typical Indian winter weather. Jaldapara Camp is the house of many water birds thanks to its natural resources and connectivity with major rivers such as Torsha, Malangi and other nearby streams. Visitors can spot large cormorants, Indian Shag, Darter (Snakebirds), the milky white Egrets, Lesser Adjutant, the insectivorous–Pied Wagtail, the beauty of wetlands–Spur Winged, the big plover–Lapwing, the chilling–Moorhen (Marsh hens) and the elegant walker– the white breasted waterhen. Out of all these are just few of them however there are several varieties of birds in Jaldapara Camp—visitors must visit to feel the real essence of this magnificent camp.

The night experience of nocturnal species such as owls and nightjars has its own charm. The predatory Crested Serpent Eagle can be spotted regularly in Jaldapara. The list of available hunting birds of Jaldapara Camp consist Palla's Fishing Eagle, Pariah Kite, Pied Harrier, common Buzzard, the Kestrel and Sparrow Hawk.

Most noticeable bird species that are endangered include Bengal Florican, Black Partridge, Shaheen Falcon, Great Pied Hornbills, Forest Eagle Owl, Large Green-billed Malkoha, and King Vulture. During the breeding time Peacock can be spotted as it displays full array of feathers.

The bird chirping sounds are simply unforgettable when you enter the Jaldapara Camp, the odd combination bird sounds can be heard throughout the sanctuary but majorly it can be felt during dawn and dusk. These singing birds can be easily seen from the watch-tower. Birds are visible from open country and grasslands some of the name includes Bee-eaters, Rollers, the spellbinding beauty–Hoopoe, the butcher bird–Shrikes, Hill Mynas, Bulbuls, Rollers and Finches.

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