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The air in the Jaldapara is simply refreshing and one could sense the solitude of wilderness. The rhythms and sounds of jungle create magical effects on animals and visitors travel the mesmerizing Jaldapara Camp. Rhino is the ultimate trademark of the Jaldapara Camp. The wildlife enthusiasts can experience the electrifying. In open woodlands, scattered grasslands and across rivers and glades scenes of strolling elephants is simply breathtaking.

Wandering species such as tuskers and maknas can be spotted around the beautiful Hollong tourists lodge. Other striking experience is when visitors get a chance to visit Jaldapara Camp during dawn and twilight zone as many species can be found in the low human traffic area. The herd of Gaur (Indian bison) and variety of deer such as chital, hog deer, sambar and barking deer (Muntjac) can be seen marching around the sanctuary, camp in the early morning.

Amongst other species of Deer, Sambar is Asia’s largest Asiatic deer that are majorly found in bundle. Sambar prefers being close to streams and grasslands. Hog Deer by nature prefers tall grass unlike their contemporary Chital. The multi-talented ability of the barking deer fascinates visitors the most as it produces variety of sounds from its gifted vocal cords.

In this thrilling camp of Jaldapara several wild pigs can spotted mainly around the open grounds and rivers as they dig tubers and bulbs. Tourists visiting sanctuary long for the glimpse of roaring Tigers and Leopards but it is rare that these ferocious animals can be spotted during prime tourists’ hours. Visitors can try when few people are around, perhaps they may get lucky to spot these beautiful animals.

Rarest of the lot reserve includes Leopard, Fishing cat and Jungle. The remaining lot of the Jaldapara Camp is equally fascinating with the likes of Indian Civet, Common Otter, Fidgety Giant squirrel, hispid hare, Indian porcupine and pangolin.

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